Meet the Team

Meet the creators of the world's first interactive drone gaming experience

Matt Edminster

Co-Founder and President

Matt, with decades of experience in robotics and a passion for cutting-edge technology, co-founded Renegade Labs Entertianment to revolutionize the realm of interactive entertainment. His expertise in robotics has been instrumental in shaping the company's innovative approach to gaming. Combining strategic leadership with a profound understanding of market and technology trends, Matt has been steering Renegade Labs Entertainment towards new heights. His dedication to innovation and excellence is a key driver behind the company's rapid growth and its emergence as a leader in interactive drone gaming experiences.

Billy Ramey

Co-Founder and Chief Pilot

Billy, co-founder at Renegade Labs Entertainment, is the driving force behind the thrilling drone operations that define the game. With his extensive experience in drone technology, Billy ensures that each gaming experience is not only immersive and exhilarating but also adheres to the highest safety standards. His deep understanding of drone mechanics and innovative approach to gameplay are pivotal in bringing the dynamic and engaging world of Drone Hunt to life. Billy's passion and expertise have been instrumental in shaping Drone Hunt into a cutting-edge, interactive drone gaming experience.

George Zotos

VP of Business Development

George, as the VP of Business Development for Renegade Labs Entertainment, is the dynamic force driving the expansion of the game's market presence. With a rich background in business development and a keen eye for emerging trends, George excels at identifying growth opportunities and forging strong industry partnerships. His expertise in strategic planning and market analysis is crucial in navigating through the competitive landscape of interactive drone gaming. George's vision and leadership are key to maintaining Drone Hunt's position at the cutting edge of gaming innovation.